hey mtv, welcome to my domain

theres nothing more frustrating than working with pretentious people. 

Passion Week.


Anonymous asked: dude reina, i just realized that you don't take much selfies. thats good cuz if you do my heart will burst and pop like a grape under hypotonic situations.

T_______T thats a very graphic comparison. thank you for being so kind. i guess im pretty beautiful and all but im not worthy enough to have my face circulating the newsfeed on the daily so yeh. 

Anonymous asked: hey how are you feeling?

apathetic—not necessarily a bad thing! 

Anonymous asked: hi ya reina! :) what would u wear to a friend's birthday party? :O

it depends on the place, but i wouldnt wear anything extremely cute though. let your friend shine on their day :)))

Anonymous asked: Hey cute stuff, I hope u have a super swell day tomorrow! *__*

wha! thanks! :) we hold the authority to be happy every day!